Interview at Parajunkee's View--Authors and Bloggers


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You may have heard murmurs of the growing acrimony between authors and bloggers, stemming in large part from disagreements over negative reviews. I'm not going to link to any of the many, many, many forums and blog posts by both authors and bloggers on the subject--even if your Google-Fu is weak, you should be able to find *something* about it (though I do highly recommend Stacia Kane's Auntie Specialsnowflakes series on the subject for sheer entertainment value alone).

So if I'm not going to link up to the controversy, why do I bring it up (you ask)? Well, I was recently asked to weigh in on the controversy by Parajunkee, a member of the book blogging community. I wasn't sure I wanted to get into the middle of this--I had already been kicked in the head by various people for other things--but Parajunkee was trying to bring people together to have a reasoned and rational conversation in an attempt to work towards solutions, so I put on my big girl pants. Boy am I glad I did! What a fabulous conversation ensued, with everyone being smart, logical, and CIVIL! What an awesome group of people.

See what I had to say over at her site,  Parajunkee's View, and feel free to enter the conversation--but please keep it civil! Banging on the table with a shoe may get your feelings on the matter across but it doesn't actually solve problems. :-)

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