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I Lost My Husband to Brazil

Writing Prompt: 100 CEM note [foreign currency]


The first time, it was just for a week.


"I don't even want to go!" he said when I complained to go with him. "Do you know how long of a flight it is? Trust me. You don't want to go."


But later, after his return, it was all: the countryside, the food, the people--how beautiful, how good, how friendly.


The second time, a year later, was for two weeks.


"But I speak Spanish now! Mi espouso es muey bueno! See? I've been practicing."


"They speak Portuguese there," he said, stepping around me to get a tie from the closet.


That return had been followed by "the people, the drinks, the beaches"--how beautiful, how good, how friendly.


Six months later, it was another two weeks. And this return was followed by silence.


"How was it?" I asked.


"It was fine," was all he had to say. "It's late. Please turn off the light."


Now Brazil has taken him completely. He is gone and all I have is this 100 CEM note to remember him by.


~TB 12/01/10

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