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Frayed Ends of Sanity

writing prompt: "frayed ends of sanity"


The frayed ends of my sanity finally unraveled. The loose edges let go their tenous bond to twist in the wind. A howling, gibbering madness washed over me, and a curtain of throbbing red mist descended before my eyes.


"Let me embrace you," I thought. "And twirl. I want to twirl."


I threw back my head, threw out my arms, and twirled. Twirled and twirled until my legs could no longer hold me.


When I came to a standstill I was facing east. It was dawn. The first rays of the sun were creeping over the horizon. They hit me full in the face, the blazing light piercing the red haze and blinding me.


It was going to be a beautiful day.


~TB  11/03/10

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