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Tornado at the Zoo

writing prompt: the tornado cleared the hill and dug into the zoo...


Surveying the results, the rescue workers couldn't believe their eyes. "Joey" the Killer Whale dangled by his tail from one of the giant Oak trees flanking the zoo's entrance. A row of flamingoes lined the branches that held the ocean giant, pink flashing among the naked branches.


"I didn't know a whale could spin like a top," said one to his partner, observing the whale twist in the remnant winds. The other man just crossed himself in response.


Further in, they found three bobcats treading water in the penguin enclosure. The penguins stood outside the glass, staring at the interlopers with puzzled and territorial gazes.


North American black bears and African lions were curled up asleep together in the rain forest exhibit, the trees restfully devoid of the usual bird chatter.


The quiet man finally spoke. "It's unnatural, it is."


His companion first nodded, then shook, his head. "What is?"


"They're all here. But mixed up like. And ain't none of 'em et the others."


"Is good isn't it?"


"It's unnatural,"  repeated the first. Then he spat onto the debris strewn ground.


~TB 5/25/11

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