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An Icy Wind

writing prompt: An icy wind blew across the river...


An icy wind blew across the river. Caleb could hear it howling in the distance. Winter was coming. Soon the hard-packed earth that surrounded the little homestead would be covered in knee deep snow. And his little band of livestock, already pinched and pitiful, would huddle together in misery against the biting chill of the river wind. Ploughing in the scorching sun would be replaced with shoveling in the freezing cold. Bug bites would be replaced by chill blaines. Thirst would be replaced by hunger.


Winter's song could be heard in the wind. Caleb knew what it signalled. The residents of the little farm had once been hale and plentiful. And each successive winter had picked them off, one by one, until only a handful remained. Caleb listend to the wind howl and knew that death was coming to River's Edge.


~TB 4/13/11

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