Whereafter Blog Tour

whereafter stolzer 72ARCS now available!

I am now booking a one month blog tour for Whereafter (Afterlife #3) April 1st to April 30th (hosted by Bewitching Book Tours), including review stops. Find all the details and sign up here.

Whereafter Cover Reveal

Thereafter Banner Cover Reveal 450 x 169

Do you know what time it is? Do ya? Huh? Huh?

That's right...it's time to reveal the cover of Whereafter!

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! ::wild Kermit flailing::

Hugs and Kisses Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Hugs and Kisses Giveaway Hop
February 2-16, 2016
We're celebrating Valentine's Day with a blog hop! Visit all of the participating bloggers listed below and enter to win sweet prizes on each blog! Every blog is hosting a different giveaway - each with a prize worth at least $25.
I love Valentine's Day - I mean, how can you not love a holiday that is a celebration of all things chocolate?! I'm very lucky that my husband is incredibly romantic so I always have a lovely Valentine's Day. My dad is a big romantic, too, and one of my favorite memories growing up was my dad bringing my mother a dozen roses every Valentine's as well as a small box of chocolates or a rose for both me and my sister. My uncles used to each give my grandmother (their mother) one of the fancy, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates on Valentine's Day, and I think there was a competition among them to see who could give her the fanciest box. My grandmother kept all those empty boxes - "They're too pretty to throw away," she'd always say. We never did find a use for them and they ended up getting tossed out when she moved to a nursing home (anyone know a good re-use for them???).
Did you know, however, that Valentine's Day overlaps with the ancient Roman festival of Parentalia (February 13th-21st),  Parentalia is a ceelebration/commemeration of the dead - specifically dead family members. It was a time to cook their favorite foods and to go to the cemetery and clean off the graves (similar to American Memorial Day). So, to celebrate both these holidays, I'm giving away an awesome little swag pack which has a hand-made bookmark, SIGNED Hereafter and Thereafter swag, and this set of these adorable notecards from One Moon Cupcake on Etsy, plus a $10 Amazon Gift Card. I've made my giveway international. Good luck!
While you're here, stop and take a look around - I've got a few other giveaways going on and some exciting events coming up. Plus, the e-book of HEREAFTER, the first novel in my Afterlife series is on sale on Amazon for only $0.99!
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TERRI BRUCE writes science fiction and fantasy stories with a literary bent from a haunted house in New England where she lives with her husband and three cats. The first two books of her contemporary fantasy AFTERLIFE series are available in e-book, paperback, and audio book wherever books are sold. Look for the third book, Whhereafter (Afterlife #e), coming March 15, 2016.

"The Well" - Another Short Story Sold

I'm thrilled to announce that my short story, "The Wishing Well," has been sold to Third Flatiron Press for their forthcoming anthology "It's Come to Our Attention" about things happening under the radar or beneath the surface. Look for it in ebook and paperback in February.



Whereafter (Afterlife #3) Release Date Set!


I've set the release date for Whereafter, the next chapter in Irene's journey through the afterlife - it's March 15, 2016!!! Whereafter is now listed on Goodreads, so you can add it to your TBR list. Cover reveal and pre-order links coming soon - stay tuned!

Don't forget, I'm still looking for reviews of Hereafter on Amazon - I'm hoping to reach 50 reviews by the end of January, in which case, I will give away two $50 Amazon gift cards. So if you haven't yet reviewed Hereafter, please do so and help me give away these gift cards! You can read the details of the giveaway here.

Dear Robot Blog Hop


I'm super thrilled to announce the release of my short story, "Welcome to OASIS" as part of the Dear Robot: An Anthology of Epistolary Science Fiction.

DESCRIPTION: Dear Robot is an anthology of nineteen science fiction stories told in a variety of epistolary styles. Letters, scientific notes, manuals, and emails all tell different stories about the future. From a behavioral contract for interstellar exchange students to a transmission from an astronaut in space, these sometimes humorous, sometimes heartbreaking stories all use their structure to amplify their message—especially when that message is that a band of deadly robots are chipping away at the door.

Hereafter 50-Review Amazon Gift Card Giveaway


Want to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card?

Reviews are the lifeblood of an author - they are the #1 promotional tool for any book, because they help readers find good quality books. Beyond that, some important promotional opportunities only open up to authors when they reach a certain number of reviews - 10, 50, and 100 are key milestone number of reviews that open doors for authors. Hereafter (Afterlife #1) is currently at 31 reviews on Amazon, and I'd like, with your help, to get it to the next milestone.

I'm Not Dead!

No, I'm not dead - perhaps only mostly dead.

It's been a rough year, starting this past winter. We live in New England. You may have seen the weather. We got nine feet of snow every single day, January through March - or maybe it only seemed that way. We did get more than 100 inches of snow January - March, however, which is bad enough. I finally stopped the snow storms personally, by invoking Murphy's Law in mid-March - I broke down and bought a snow blower, which guaranteed there would be no more major snow storms. You're welcome.

Interview with Matthew Cox


BRoP Logo Revised
The Blog Ring of Power Presents...
An Interview with Author Matthew Cox


cox authorpic2

Today we have an interview with author Matthew Cox via BRoP member Vicki Lempe Weavil. This is a return visit for Matthew who is celebrating the release of his third novel (but first young adult novel), Caller 107. Feel free to leave a comment or question for Matthew below, and when you're done here, pop on over to the other BRoP sites to read the rest of the interview. This interview is also part of the Caller 107 blog tour, so be sure to check out all the other stops and enter the giveaway!

Readercon Recap

Back from Readercon (July 10-13 in Burlington, MA), trailing swag and books from my suitcase, my brain bubbling with story ideas, as usual (this post is a bit late - it should have gone up Monday).

The Readercon name badges were super fancy this year (usually they're just plain white).

readercon2014 badge

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